The Social (Butterfly) Network

With summer just around the corner, social networkers are buzzing with images and inspirations of the warm weather. As the temperature heats up, so does the integration of the social networking sites people are using.

New and almost seamless integrations of platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest are fueling style and beauty bloggers and followers alike.

The Socializing of our every day websites is making it even easier to share our outfits, tips, trends and sales. Social networking is also making it easier for Fashion and lifestyle brands to reach their customers, through mobile versions and linkings of our favorite networks. This is sending the fashion world into hyper-speed mode (as if it weren’t fast enough) with instant updates on who is wearing what and how. Shoppers and dreamers can upload their outfits, beauty tips and shoe porn to an ever growing audience through multiple sites at once. has also integrated their sign in with that of Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook, like many other fashion oriented social networking sites. Easy and familiar access creates a fluid and personal online experience, prime audience for fashion and accessory retailers. The girl next-door can become an overnight it girl sensation based solely on “hype” gained through the website and its tributary links- and this can instantly affect the popularity and success of a product or brand.

New means of advertising are also abounding, with Tumblr finally freeing up advertising space and bringing back a paid feature section- utilizing a huge and previously untapped network of people. Facebook has been eschewing in a queue of business friendly apps, Branached out and payvment among them. While these may seem a bit like predecessors LinkedIn and Etsy, the Facebook infused interfaces may attract trusted users of Facebook who do not yet use other social, professional and marketing platforms. For those in the creative economy, this can be key to reaching your everyday customer and linking your retail, artistic, service or whatever you do- with familiar interfaces and friendly pictures links and content!

With students, celebrities and CEO’s alike using sites like Pinterest and Instagram, a wealth of immediate and timely content is easily if not unavoidably available- from Rihanna’s Instagram-ed party pics from Coachella to instantaneous political and courtroom updates via Twitter. The revolutionary part about all of these social linkings? Faster, easier and more in your face options for sharing and seeing on the internet.

For the fashion blogging crowd, this means your followers won’t miss a beat, unless you want them to of course.