7 Social Networks You Might Like

Social networks are immensely popular. They become even more popular with mobile client applications, available for users around the world. Social networking obviously isn’t all about Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube, which are ‘for everyone’ and suffer from poor content and oversharing, as a compensation for popularity. There are loads of social networks, more or less popular, which concern interests of people. Creating a social network with its own highlights and killer features is a blooming trend. Here we’d like to list 7 social networks that might catch your attention.


About.me is a personal web hosting service, a social platform that allows to easily discover people with similar interests. Alongside with a web version, about.me offers an iOS app with a clean and beautiful UI. What’s your profile all about? The name, a short public bio, tags for interests, location, education, and links to other accounts on major social networks (Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter etc.). You may also send a compliment to encourage anyone on communication. E-mail added: about.me is an interesting means of building your online presence, be it a personal or a business page.


How.Do is a social network dedicated to the DIY topic. On one hand there is a considerable audience of users, on the other hand there are numerous micro guides consisting of photos and short voiceover (up to 8 seconds for each photo). For even more convenience, there is sharing on Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Facebook. Exploring the network for these instructions (colloquially called how.dos) is a good experience on the How.Do mobile application for iOS.


Keeping fit is a great habit. Smartphones have become good assistants and motivators for that, and that’s owing to the Health & Fitness category of application stores, and in particular, such GPS-based fitness-tracking apps as RunKeeper. It’s one of the most popular apps in its category, and is basically a social network with more than 25 millions of users around the world. They can share their goals, training programs, achievements, and routes not only within the network, but also on Twitter and Facebook. History of activities, tracking, music, notifications – all this and more within the app, which is available for both iOS and Android.


Sipp – a social network for wine lovers, the crystal clear description says. If you take a closer look, it will closely resemble Instagram. Any iOS user can join the network, post a photo of wine label, rate it, and add a few details about it. That’s one of many interesting ideas of making interest-based social networks. Add your own tasted wines and impressions, look through feeds to see what your friends love, and discover new tastes among the like-minded fellows.


Rover.com is a community of dog owners and dogsitters in the USA. This means, if you need to travel somewhere and you have nobody to take care of your pet, such websites as Rover.com, are at your service. It’s easy to find someone around you who could become the pal for your dog while you’re away, and follow your recommendations on taking care. And of course, you are always in touch with your dogsitter to know how your pet is doing.


Pose is all about style, fashion, and its items: clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories and beauty/makeup – outfit ideas and style advice from around the world, as the website says. Indeed, there is plenty for fashion lovers to get here: ideas on what to wear for special occasions, thoughts on putting together items of clothing to create their own style, and generally knowledge of what people wear – after all, it’s yet another social network. Again, similarly to Instagram, it allows to follow people and flip through their photos in real time. A client application is available for iOS.


Vimeo is frequently called the closest competitor to the Google-owned YouTube. It’s been here for quite a while, founded back in 2004. Currently it’s a free video hosting service with client apps for Android and iOS, which allows their users to view videos and upload their own ones (up to 500MB a week in total). There’s also an option of upgrading the account to Vimeo Plus, which gives additional bonuses, and Vimeo PRO, which is targeted at professional video creators.

These are just several examples of numerous social platforms which try to involve more and more people into their midst. And there are many different and inspiring ideas for social networks that have or haven’t yet been brought to life. Maybe you would like to share some of yours?